About Us

AMGO is an acronym for African Movies on the GO. It is a mobile application (APP) provided by AMGO Group LLC in the US. AMGO provides the most current, high quality full length African movies on the GO to connected smart mobile devices across Africa and beyond via our brand name AMGO. A mobile application like AMGO puts African entertainment in the hands of smart mobile-users.


The movie industry in Africa is plagued with piracy, sales fluctuations, high production & marketing costs and low return on investment (ROI). Our mission goes beyond commerce and technology and it is simply to create a platform to protect intellectual property, to fight piracy and to contribute to the growth of the continent’s movie industry.


We deliver the fastest, most reliable and predictable downloads of full length feature movies to any connected smartphone or tablet, with unsurpassed high quality viewing experience on the GO. Our future could not be more promising as the convenience of watching videos on the GO continues to grow thus, pushing us to the forefront in leading the field with breakthrough technologies to become the one-stop shop for the distribution of premium contents of the highest quality.


AMGO is a strictly mobile VOD download solution. Downloaded videos can be watched offline multiple times anywhere and anytime on mobile devices. Movies will be payable by mobile money and other electronic payments.



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